Floating. I am floating through space and time and memories and moments. I am adrift in an endless sea of thoughts rolling with waves of emotions. It is a feeling of being both pulled down and weightless. Floating.

Flying. It is as though I am swimming through the air with my senses set ablaze. The clouds brush my alabaster skin and flush my cheeks to a rosy hue. The summer wind teases my mocha locks which fly with me like wings to lift me above space, through time. Flying.

Falling. My teardrops fall like sunfilled bombs upon the grassy hills. Where each wet pearl hath landed sits a rose with golden thorns. The mushroom cloud of happy thoughts blooms with a blue swirl smoke and embers of long lost love. Falling.



Just a Grain of Sand…

A wise man once said, “it’s not the destination that matters, but rather the journey.” Well, I’m inclined to agree with him. No matter what your hopes and dreams are, the goals you are trying to accomplish, or the mountain you are trying to summit, the things you will remember most are the moments and people who got you there.  In 20 years, chances are you won’t have a clue what you made on a test, or that you broke a piece of pottery that took you 3 months to finish, or that you and your best friend wore identical outfits to fall ball. What you will remember is that your teacher would say, “oh no you didn’t girlfriend,” in his thick turkish accent, and that your boyfriend helped you pick up the pieces and make a mosaic, and that you danced the night away with your best friend. After everything is said and done, “Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways – Chardonnay in one hand – chocolate in the other – body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming “WOO HOO, What a Ride!” So leave your mark,  on yourself and on others, and make sure no one ever forgets that you stood on top of this mountain holding hands with a string of people who reached around the world.

Leave a mark

What will you remember?


I Am What I Am…

I am a girl. I am a student pilot, a S.C.U.B.A. Diver, a high schooler, a computer geek, a cheerleader, and a superhero. I am also a dreamer, a do-er, a wisher, a planner, a messy Marvin, a friend, a girlfriend, a sister, and a daughter. But most importantly, I am here.  I make an impact. I maybe just a butterfly flapping her wings, but some where, somehow, I am creating a hurricane. I change things.  I help people. I love people. I leave a mark; a wrinkle where a laugh has been. A crease where a smile once resided. A world where happiness is the language everyone speaks.  Behind every one of my scars is a memory of a life lived. This is my legacy. This is what I leave behind. What will you leave?

If Today Was a Fairy Tale…

Inside every girl is a princess.

Who deserves to have her fairy tale

And true loves first kiss to

Wake her from this spell.


Every girl deserves her fairy tale.

With the wind beneath her wings,

Prince charming on one knee

Asking her to be his queen.


In my dreams there’s no need for fairy godmothers

Or glass slippers just your size.

Just a knight in shining armor

to kiss you at midnight.


Every girl deserves her fairy tale.

With the wind beneath her wings,

Prince charming on one knee

Asking her to be his queen.


If  happy ever after starts from Once upon a time

No sorrow and no heart break has to ruin this dream of mine.


Every girl deserves her fairy tale.

With the wind beneath her wings,

Prince charming on one knee

Asking her to be his queen.


Every girl deserves her fairy tale.

With the wind beneath her wings,

Prince charming on one knee

Asking her to be his queen.


Please, oh, please be the wind beneath my wings

Be my prince charming on one knee

Please ask me to be your queen

Please give me my fairy tale ending.

Not always a fairy tale by CSnyder

Brain Damage Part 1…


I am quite possibly the only person you know who would turn the toaster oven on, hear the built-in timer start ticking, insert the toast, and walk away expecting the toast to be done when I got back in 2 minutes. While the toaster just sat there…unpluged. Ding.

Da Toaster…A Devil In Disguise…


It’s that time of year again! The time of year when out sleepy little town becomes over run with orange girls who think that tanning beds are an alternative for having personality. The time of year when we have a bunch of penguins running around buying  Wonka Chocolate for their girlfriends (hey maybe they’ll get lucky {I’m talking about getting a golden ticket, perv -.-}.) A chorus of “What should I wear?!” echoes through our hallowed high school halls ringing in the apocalypse of all civilized society. I DON’T LIKE THE LOOK OF IT OOMPA LOOMPA DOOMPADEE DAH


My Prom Date. Sexy, right?

If you haven’t figured it out by now (or you have absolutely NO social experiences to go by), I am speaking of that annual pulling of rank called prom.
p.s. Taylor (and Jenny) Says “Hi” !!!!!!!

Happy National Blah, Blah, Blah Day…

For those of you who read that title and thought I was being serious, YOU, my friend, are an awesome person! If you thought that was steeped in sarcasm, you know me to well (BEWARE!) Any who, getting to the point, my blog is happy (it has its own holiday. Wouldn’t you be?!) In celebration of our very own NATIONAL (teehee that’s epic) holiday, we are inviting you (yes, you. the people who are probably stuck in your home, office, or school {sucks for you}) to babble on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on …… and on and on and on and on and on….. and on and on and on and on and are you getting annoyed yet? and on and on. And on. All this babbling of course is NOT Under ANY circumstances to be geared to loved ones or close friends (use strictly on people you want to spontaneously combust {post a vid on YouTube if you happen to have a camera [comment with a link if you feel so inclined <are you getting flustered by all these parenthesis?>.}.)  Have a Merry Blah, Blah, Blah Day 😀

A Gym By Any Other Name Still Smells…

Gym Class. The penultimate form of High School Hell. P.E. Teachers determined to whip your Jell-O filled hind end into shape reign supreme of the bus-load of slackers bent on NOT DOING ANYTHING.  Personally, I don’t mind being whipped into shape (as long as it involves chocolate. Round IS a shape last time I checked. ) Oh and don’t forget the sweet aroma of the LOCKER ROOM (dunt Dunt Duhhhn). The scent of sweaty gym socks is like a fine perfume for those of us who are stuck with a first period gym class. The UberGeekNerd such as myself suffer under the wrath of the Jocks and over-zealous Gym Teachers. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the savage practice of school mandated gym class, let me walk you through it.

  1. Changing Out. The beginning of a 1 hour and 40 minute Hell. Unsuspecting students are forced to bare their flabby untaned flesh in front of the perfectly toned cheerleaders.)
  2. The Warm-Up. Obviously, this title is referring to the way our flesh melts off our bodies as we venture further into the last legal form of slavery(second only to marriage).
  3. The Workout. As if walking our cellulite stuccoed rumps around a hole in the floor wasn’t enough, we have to exercise.  Crossfit is generally the Coach’s poison of choice (we somehow always end up the victim of this merciless crime commonly refered to as Physical Education.)
  4. The Cool-Down. BEWARE! This is just an excuse the spawn of the devil Phys. Ed. teachers use to force us to keep burning much-loved calories for a few more torturous seconds. I assume this is quite amusing to the powers that be because the coaches always seem to be sporting 100 kilowatt smiles.
  5. Changing In. We have to repeat the embarrassing process of  getting undressed in front of the entire female population.
  6. The Summary. At this point, the coaches have decided ‘oh lets make them feel like crap some more’ They then proceed to point out the fact that our jiggy behinds are an embarrassment to society (I direct your attention to the beer bellies resting comfortably on their lower torso area.) We then have to judge our effort and how well we worked out (the funnest part: It gets graded and commented upon by the teachers who tell us we are full of lard.)

Now that you have a better understanding of the daily harassment we under go, I ask you to please leave your comments about how awful your high school experiences were, are, or otherwise. (This is, of course, so that coaches and teachers everywhere can come up with more weapons with which to mortally wound our fragile psyches.)

Defying Gravity…

Below is a story I wrote to describe what flying is like for someone may  age or even a little younger. I wrote it for a school assignment and then submited forr an essay contest and won (oh yeah baby!!) So here it is and I hope you enjoy it 😀

            “The skies are blue on this crisp, autumn day. Children are laughing and skipping. The birds are chirping high up in the old oak tree. The leaves are slowly changing color, from vibrant green to rich reds, golden yellows, and dark browns. One by one the leaves fall from their high perch and land softly on the ground, but the ground is the last place Stephanie Marie would ever think to be on a day like today. Instead of being outside jumping in the great piles of leaves as all the other kids her age are doing, she would rather be in a small box with only 5 inoperable windows, two locked doors, no air conditioning and a wall full of gauges and levers. Most would not understand why anyone would want to do this, let alone a child, but Stephanie knows the power of this grand machine.

            It was the allure of freedom and independence that draws her to that small vehicle in the middle of an empty field. The bright red and yellow adorning stripes on the side of the plane shine brightly in the mid-afternoon glow. Only a select few can truly understand Stephanie’s passion for flight. For Stephanie, the ability to let go of the earth and fly is a feeling unlike any other. Once it is experienced, flight becomes a thirst for the trill of ‘throwing yourself at the ground and missing.’

            Unfortunately for Stephanie, freedom from gravity requires choice, skill, and the willingness to fight back against the laws of nature. She must have gas in her plane to fuel her escape from the bounds that hold humanity to the earth.  Stephanie knows too much gas will make her plane too heavy and too little could mean she will fall; after all, ‘too much of a good thing can be bad.’ Luckily for her, she has found the perfect balance. Her planes flaps and rudders must be fully functioning so she can steer her vessel safely. Any mistake could mean disaster at any time during flight. Sabrina, after going through her pre-flight checklist, deciding ‘go or no-go’ and making sure she was in full green, is finally clear for take-off. 

            Sometimes Stephanie cannot fly by VFR, also known as visual flight rules, and see where she is going; instead, she must rely on careful planning and the accuracy of her instruments. She moves with the mindset and precision of a surgeon operating on a patient. Any error in could be fatal, but Stephanie knows what she is doing. Practice and training have given her the tools to be a part of a world with another dimension, a world with more depth than one person can ever see in its entirety. She can see the changing of seasons as the warmth of summer transforms into the coolness of autumn on the carpet of color that lay far below.

             The beauty and majesty of God’s creations which only birds, butterflies, and pilots will ever see becomes forever etched in young Stephanie’s mind. The feeling she experiences as she swoops effortlessly above the tree tops and skims the surface of the gleaming water is simply indescribable. It is the feeling of success resounding through the mind of a child. Stephanie is prepared to take on a world of new challenges and anyone who tries to get in the way of her goals and dreams. She knows she can fight for her freedom to soar with just the right balance of subtlety and force to combat even the most solid laws which govern her freedom. After all, she can defy gravity.”

This message brought to you by Johannes Gutenberg…

Within the past few decades, the world’s communication system has changed dramatically. With the rise of PDAs, cell phones, and computers, have books become an obsolete form of ‘data storage’, recreation, and entertainment? For many, the answer comes in the form of eReaders, such as the Barnes & Noble Nook, the Amazon Kindle, and the Apple iPad. The combination of technology, comfort, and size present a ‘happy medium’ for people across the world. However, to millions more, the timelessness of a book remains unparalleled by any form of electronic media. The classics, in their opinion, should only be read the way they were written — on good old ink and paper. The human touch that a book holds brings life to the white pages of novels, non-fiction, and tales read to children before bed. There is a time and a place for technology. In schools, offices, and other institutions, it is a necessity for carrying out daily communications and functions. The book, no matter how much technology interferes, will always and forever, hold a special place in the hearts of people around the globe. Whether they are parents with young children nestled by the fireplace or elderly people relaxing on a park bench, the scene can only be completed with an old book held by weathered hands of time.

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